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Misc Fryers, Parts
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FMP Fryer Clean Out Rod
List Price: $11.99
Our Price: $7.92
Savings: $4.07

Fryer drains get clogged with food particles. Those particle harden, shorten oil life and impact the amount of time it takes to drain and filter
your oil. Simplify the task by using our 25" fryer
clean out rod to clear your fryer drain.
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Disco Filter Cones 10" - 50 per Box
Our Price: $8.08

10" paper cone oil filter. For use with 10" fryer oil cone filter holder.

The 10" paper oil filter cone is made from a 70 micron non-woven material with over-locking stitches for added strength.

Regularly filtering your fryer oil with a product like this one will help prolong the oil's life, save money without replacing your oil as frequently to deliver better tasting food for your customers.
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Disco Filter Cone Holder 10"
List Price: $22.12
Our Price: $11.66
Savings: $10.46

Idea oil filtrations solution for seasonal concession stands, snack bars, or sandwich shops . This 10" cone oil filter holder works in conjunction with our 10" paper cone oil filters.
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Disco Fryer Boil-Out 8 Lbs.
List Price: $35.71
Our Price: $21.15
Savings: $14.56

Boil Out removes the carbon build-up in fry pots and is economical and
easy to use. Clean heating elements maintain constant temperature during
frying which results in quality foods and reduces fryer down time. Each
8 lb. container has enough to do approximately 10 Boil Outs for a 50
lb. capacity fryer. There are two 8 lb. containers per case. Available
in two formulations - Standard Fryer Boil Out and Metal Safe Fryer Boil
Out. The standard product contains sodium hydroxide and is corrosive to
soft metals such as aluminum and copper.
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Update Fry Basket 17" x 8" x 5 3/4 w/ Epoxy Coated Handle
List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $24.65
Savings: $25.34

Update Internationalâ„¢ - Fry Basket, rectangle, 17" x 8" x 5-3/4", plastic coated handle, nickel plated wire mesh more info