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Vollrath Lettuce King Lettuce Cutter 3/16"

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Item Code: VOL-400N

Shredding lettuce for salads or as a topping for Mexican dishes can take
time that you and your staff might not have, especially on busy days.
However, you still need to prep the leafy base for salads or even
cabbages for in-house cole slaw. The Vollrath 400N Redco© Lettuce King I
will get this task done efficiently, taking practically no time at all.
The wide aluminum base provides stability, preventing the appliance
from falling off your countertop. The two-handed operation is ergonomic
and ensures complete processing of products. The stainless steel blades
will be able to cut for years to come without bruising. Versatile,
it’s able to not only cut lettuce, cabbage, melon, and even cooked
meats, like boneless chicken breast. To make sure you have enough
lettuce for your salads and the slices of chicken to go on top of them,
use the 400N.

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